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Germany drink.

I came to Germany with expecting drink many kind of beer.

There are several beer company in the area.
And some kind of beer was made each company.
Weisen, Pirsner, Black beer . . . .

Not only beer, but also some original drik, I saw here.
When I saw the name of "Cola beer",
on a menu of the window.
I can´t understand what it is!!
The second day, I have a chance to order "Cola beer".
It was only poured Cola to Beer.
I tasted very strange, but not bat.

"Cola beer" was settled in most tavern.
But couldn't find "Fanta beer".

The fourth day , we went to Schloß Noiewschwanstein.
We took a lunch nere there.
One of my group memmber orderd "Spizir"
It was mixing Cola and Fanta.

I heard there are "Hot wine, but not "Hot Beer", I guess (laughing)

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